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you often have to do it repeatedly and through outrageous conduct and someone could sue you in civil court. there is an aerial surveillance case involving trade secrets that came out in favor of the plaintiff. >> could someone by one right now? >> you could go -- >> get a certification from the at a a? >> i don't know if this is put limits to call a drone but for $300, something, an aerial vehicle you could control with your i've had and fly around your neighborhood and likely you are not going to be running against -- not going to get sued in all likelihood. the faa bans commercial use of jerome today but that ban is said to be relaxed in 2015 and of course have an economic incentive. in my personal view to the extent you are interested this is a wonderful thing because this technology is deeply transformative and basically flying smart phones. once of private industry get their hand on these things we will see some great wonders but we will never get there unless we place some limits and privacy because of our reaction to these drones we are not going to avail ourselves of the tech
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1